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23rd-Aug-2007 10:37 pm(no subject)
This means a great deal to me. As much as if not more than Knitting (for those that know how knitting and I am).

I used to Self Injure and have recovered. It's not easy. Approximately 2 million people in the United States self injure annually. It recognizes no barrier. In other words, It's not limited to any one group of people.

Globally those that know about Self Injury Awareness Day recognize it on March 1. The thing is no national governments officially recognize it. As far as I know only the states of New Mexico and Connecticut recognize it.

Public awareness is one way to shed light on this growing problem. In an effort to reduce the stigma and help reduce some of the myths. It can also help those who self injure along with their family and friends get and/or find treatment. Such treatments can be: individual and/or group therapy, medications, or support groups, just to name a few. That is what we want in getting National recognition with this day.

If you want to help would you please sign the petition here.

Thank You so much. Like I said it means a lot to me. My friends and I are the ones behind this petition.

If you have questions you can comment here or email me at: CTSelfInjuryAwarenessProject at gmail dot com 
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